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Why Customer Delight Should Be the Goal of Every Business?

Customer Delight is pleasing customers beyond their expectations. It is a step forward to increase customers’ loyalty and make them remember your business or brand in positive words. Customer-centered businesses keep their consumers at the top priority in sales and support to avoid disappointment. Their satisfaction is the ultimate goal. However, if you move forward to please customers, it is known as customer delight.

There is a number of ways in achieving customer delight. It may be a coupon, discount, promotions, gifts, giveaways, and reaching out the natural way. Provide an outstanding customer experience by fulfilling their needs and wishes with your marketing strategies. It comes at the last stage of a marketing funnel. You can take advantage of the customer survey apps like Smiley to know their experience. Once their experiences are recognized, you can reach out accordingly with a personalized marketing strategy. 

Customer Delight vs. Customer Satisfaction

There is a minor difference between the two. In fact, these contribute to each other. Knowing customers’ needs and fulfilling their expectations helps you achieve customer satisfaction. If you exceed their expectation and go out of the way to please them, you get customer delight.

Today every business is working on delivering products or services the way customers expect. They forget to greet them with giveaways on a regular basis. It is the reason existing customers find a better offer and never bother to visit your business again. Working in a competitive environment is difficult as you cannot allow the competition to swipe away existing customers. Retain them with delight so that any offer from competitors never seems to be compelling or convincing. Start offering features and facilities to make them feel special.

Why Customer Delight should be the Goal of Every Business?

Pleasing your customers is mandatory for the success of your business. Delight customers to retain them forever and make them spread the word naturally in their social circles. Go beyond the regular support and care to turn unhappy customers into happy ones before they propagate negativity. Make them advocate your products rather than leave them unattended. It must be among the primary goals of your business for the following benefits of customer delight.

- Better Customer Retention

The key to a successful business is retaining customers. If they are delighted with your extraordinary marketing strategies, they tend to retain for than an average customer. It must be the goal of a business as retaining the existing customers is much cheaper than hunting for the new ones. If they are happy customers, you still need to please them with attractive offers and discounts; else you may lose them if competitors are doing what you should do.

- Effective Marketing

Delight your customers and they will advocate products or services free of cost. Their recommendations are based on personal experiences so they are more effective and reliable to the prospective buyers. They use the natural marketing medium that is by word of mouth. The people who take their suggestions are also more likely to place orders as they find it authentic and reliable to act upon.

- Disclosing New Opportunities

Listening to your customers is key to delighting them and showing that you care. Research suggests that customers are more likely to stay loyal to brands that actively listen to them and address their needs. By actively listening, you can gain valuable insights into customer preferences and uncover opportunities to improve your business. Remember, making customers feel appreciated is crucial for building strong and lasting relationships.

- Increase Sales & Revenues

Happy customers can serve as powerful advocates for your business. They promote your business with positive word-of-mouth about to friends, family, and online communities. In today’s digital age, online reviews and recommendations carry significant weight, and platforms like Instagram and Google Reviews have only heightened the importance of customer satisfaction. Delighted customers can help drive more sales by sharing their positive experiences, and the more loyal advocates you have, the wider reach your customers’ positive experiences will have.

- Boosts Credibility

Retaining the best quality of your products or services can also turn buyers into repeat customers. However, they are prone to find other options as well. They will give try to another brand or manufacturer if you stop approaching them, taking and considering their opinions. With customer delight, you establish credibility. They will not take care of your business if you don’t take care of them. Be credible by dropping messages, acknowledgment, polls, reviews, and suggestion surveys in their inboxes regularly.


Making your customers happier is often ignored by businesses. Most organizations hire happiness managers such as restaurants, cafes, and food chains. They are responsible for ensuring the best possible experience for the customers and take feedback before customers leave. It is real-time customer delight. However, online businesses have to deploy purpose-built applications like Smiley to collect information about customers’ satisfaction.

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